Im just your average, 20 year old guy living in the UK. Im a people person and as you may have discovered, its quite hard to find interesting people to just chat randomly with about everything and anything. And that's basically what I want, to get to know some interesting people and have some interesting conversation. Fellatio Jones at your service. In an attempt to make myself feel more at ease with my libido I have decided to document my sexuality. Pretty much all I think about is sex and I know im not the only one so here is to us, the sexual freaks. I'd absolutely love it if people would submit snaps, art, stories, everything and anything. Lets not let the human form go to waste! Anyone wanting to post and self shots or share stories, just send your material to: . . . . . . . . hit counter
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The fox and the bear.

So the Temptress and I were reunited. She came to my family home for dinner and to stay the night, I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see someone in my life. 

We sat in my room and held each other. We got updated and then I held her close and said softly ‘Mmmmm, lovely [insert name here]’ to which she responded ‘I love you too.’ 

I was in a little bit of disbelief as to what I heard, not sure if she misheard me or I misheard her, so I brushed it off and we talked more about us, our relationship, our intense emotions for each other. So I decided to risk it, and tell her I love her. And it turns out she certainly does love me back. She told me how the previous day she had shared with her mother that she thought she was in love with me and with our conversation and my confession, she was sure that she was. 

We ate dinner with my family, who she enjoys quite a lot and who apparently enjoy her. We returned to my room and held each other. The predominant amount of the night was spent holding each other, kissing passionately, being lost in each others eyes and throughout, an almost constant exchange of ‘i love you’ ‘i love you so much’ ‘i dont want to be without you’ and the like. 

It was  the most unreal and amazing experience I have ever had in my life. 

I cannot begin to properly give justice to how special a night it was and how special a woman she is to me. I just cannot begin. 

So yeah 

I guess all that is really left to be said is that I am happier than I have ever been 

And I am in love. With a girl who is perfect for me.


I imagine I will be keeping you updated more regularly with developments of this relationship and I hope you have enjoyed and will carry on enjoying them. 

From the 2012 happiest man on the planet 

Love is awesome. 

So a lot has happened.

There has been a lot going on in my life lately which is predominantly to blame for my lack of posting. There is quite a lot I want to cover here so I may brush past a few topics rather quickly that I probably wont elaborate on unless asked so if you want to know details you know what to do. 

Right, so basically most of what I want to say concerns the Temptress. As I mentioned before I pretty much confessed my love for her at the Philosophy Ball and after a hung over apology and reassurance from her that it was perfectly alright, I attempted to slip back into normality. After most of our exams were finished, the general philosophy lot embarked on an all day drinking session, the temptress came along too and I was attempting desperately to be close to her. After drinks flowed and my inhibitions flew away I sat with her and talked incessantly and the whole thing went rather swimmingly until she had to leave and do some revision for her exam the following week. I managed to convince her to come back out in the evening with a group of us for more drinks and she agreed. 

So we got there and more drinking was done and I began to find myself flirting with her more obviously then I would like to admit. As drinking continued I had apparently become more bold with my advances, putting on a similar display as I had at the ball. I was too drunk to properly recall what was said, but we talked and apparently it was very intense . All i remember is that one by one our friends left and the bar emptied until it was just me and her and then we were thrown out. 

We walked, at the time I had no idea where but it didn’t matter because at some point she had held my hand. We ended up back at her place and she invited me in. We sat on her sofa and I held her and explained to her how strongly I felt for her and how long I had wanted her, i do not remember any exact words exchanged but that was the general gist of it. We ate monster munch and continued cuddling when I felt as though I should leave being as the hour was so late. I turned at the door to say goodbye and before I knew it her arms were around my neck and her tongue was in my mouth. She told me not to worry if I didn’t see or here from her for a while because she had exam prep to do and I understood. 

The next day I met with the attractive Muslim girl and set things straight with her. I told her that my involvement with the Temptress was becoming too strong for me to justify maintaining a sexual relationship with her under our terms. She understood, but this did not stop her being upset. Revealing that she had let herself get too close to me, as I feared she would, I ended our physical relationship.

The very next day the Temptress asked me round to watch movies and upon arriving she revealed that ‘I wanted to see you a lot more than I thought I would’. So we put the film on and she nestled into my chest and I held her once more. She laced her fingers through mine and we played with each others hands and occasionally I would kiss her head or cheek. The film ended and we sat there, talking about many things, talking abut each other and eventually ended up facing each other, tangled in each others arms in the darkness of the living room for about an hour just looking at each other, scanning each others faces and feeling each other. 

'Its getting pretty late' i said. 'You can stay a bit longer' she said. 

We kissed, gentler and softer than I have ever kissed before. Hours passed. 

'Its really late, I should probably go now' I said, still holding her. She brought her head slightly away from my chest and looked up at me with her big beautiful emerald eyes. 

'I don't want you to leave. Stay with me.'  

So I spent the night exchanging the most gentle kisses and feeling her arms around my chest which she marvelled at due to its sheer width. In the morning she made me coffee, fed me cereal, kissed me passionately at the door and sent me on my way.  

The next few days I spent much time with her at her house. Where I had made my feelings abundantly clear to her, she began to reveal hers for me in small doses. She told me how no one had been so gentle or so genuine with her, no one had paid attention as much as I had, that she had never met anyone quite like me. All good signs for me. Without having to verbally confirm it, we were together, and it was blissful. 

The day came when she finished her final exam, I met her at a bar and she was already a little drunk. I kissed her in front of out friends and it made me feel elated. I had to leave her as my final exam was yet to come and I needed to revise. Upon arriving home, my internet shut down, she offered hers up and I took it. Arriving at hers, I set up in the kitchen and worked solidly for about 4 hours and then joined her in the livingroom. Watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid together, then sat and held each other and talked for an hour or two before the kissing started again. It was different this time, our hands clenched around each other tighter, lips pressed harder, before I knew it she had mounted me and my lips were working down across her chest. 

She stopped for a moment, the sound of our panting filling the room. 

'Upstairs?' she breathes. 'Yeah' I replied. 

We rushed to her bed and I lay her down, taking off items of clothing as quickly yet tactfully as I could until we were both naked and frantically rolling around on the bed. I kissed her all over and my tongue explored her neck and nipples which were particularly sensitive compared to ones I had encountered before. I was hard, I was ready, I was nervous as hell but my will was strong. 

'You're gonna need to put a condom on' She breathed into my ear, I bolted to her desk, grabbed on and began to put it on. 

It was at this moment, with the breaking of passion that I began to realise the gravity of the situation. I was about to have sex for the first time in months, with the girl who I have been enthralled by for over a year and have fallen in love with. It gave me time to think, and that was the last thing I wanted. 

In these few moments the nerves had gotten the better of me, I was flaccid. 

Not a total disaster, she was flattered. That I cared enough about having sex with her to be nervous made her happier than I could have anticipated and in reconciliation, I went back to work on her. She mounted me and began to grind on me, I felt her warm and soaking on my crotch and she seemed to cum just from that. 

We spent the night holding each other, just enjoying the feel of our naked bodies. In the morning, I let my hands explore her and felt her writhe underneath me as my fingers went deeper inside her. We wanted each other. Badly. 

A few more nights we spent together following a similar pattern, we had agreed that the leap to sex may have been too soon and avoided it with partial success. No matter how much I wanted to I feared a repeat fiasco, so this time was spent getting to know each others body. 

Eventually the time came for her to return to London for her intern-ship and it would be a week before I would see her again, but we were together officially, she was my girlfriend and this was all I needed. 

We talked often and vocalised how much we missed each other. I would recall the feel of her hand in mine and she would recall the taste of my mouth. We both had it bad and were enjoying the ride. Neither of us had ever felt this way about another human being before. And then, finally, yesterday, we were reunited again. 

Anonymous asked
Your tumblr name is awesome!

Why thank you anonymous stranger! 

I am in love

I am just so unbelievable elated right now. 

Almost so much so that I can’t talk about it. 

Heads up though, its coming. 


This is probably the most relevant thing in relation to my life at the moment. 

This is probably the most relevant thing in relation to my life at the moment. 

Anonymous asked
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Suuuuuuuuuure you did. 

What to do what to do.

I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately. 

Its gotten me quite baffled. I suppose I was under the illusion that all of the female attention I’ve been getting would go some way into filling the void that had appeared, but it hasn’t really. 

Im feeling a little lost again. I had assumed that the thing that was missing in my life was companionship but now im not so sure that was it. 

I dunno, I just feel a bit absent, like im watching myself without ever really experiencing what is happening to me, you know the way you watch tv and think ‘oh that would be so funny if that happened in real life’ and you get this second had experience from the proposal. But you never really get that first person sense of the experience. Its like the difference between imagining and experiencing. 

I guess I kinda feel like im not properly putting myself into my decisions, im lacking in enthusiasm and drive and perhaps any real sense of conviction. I feel like im still coasting through life only this time I happen to have drifted in the direction I was sort of trying to get to. But drifting is still drifting. 

I suppose part of it is because im not really sure what kind of direction I should be going. Perhaps I am just  putting my efforts into places I don’t really want them. Perhaps finals have just got me a bit down. 

Whatever it is, I feel like I just need a change up you know? Just to blend things up a bit and throw me in some other deep end. If that makes sense. 

I dunno, im pretty high, I shouldn’t let my mind wander so much. 

What Just Happened?

Going out for lunch with the attractive Muslim girl after her 3pm meeting just very rapidly turned into her coming over here at midday making me promise to put her over my knee and give her a good spanking. 

What is going on with my life?